Walking Through Lavender Fields


Lavender Fields Woman Nina

Hi, my name is Nina and I want to welcome you to my little piece of culinary heaven! In the past I would never have imagined myself to be writing a food blog. I started exploring vegan food about four years ago and since then creating my own plant based recipes has been my passion. I found this to be an area of my life where I can express myself creatively.

Why the name Walking Through Lavender Fields? Lavender has always been my favourite flower, smell and colour. I visited Provence a couple of years ago and had a wonderful experience there of standing in the middle of a lavender field, surrounded with a sea of purple and the smell of lavender in the air. That feeling stayed with me afterwards and I kept coming back to it in my mind. When I think of the food I consume and the sensations I wish it would give me, I want it to be similar to the one with lavender fields. I want my recipes to be such that I keep coming back to them and feel delightful to all my senses.

I enjoy traveling and find many inspirations for recipes while visiting other countries and trying different cuisines. I currently live in Cyprus but my home country is Slovenia. I studied linguistics, psychology and psychoanalysis. My passion is also lifting weights. I just love how you can transform your body with that and I’m not afraid of putting on muscles. I’m a cat lover, a dreamer, a hopeless romantic. You will get to know me more through my posts since I will be sharing some stories behind the recipes.

If there is anything you would like to message me about, I will be glad to respond.

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