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Best Vegan Peanut Butter Cups 1

Vegan Peanut Butter Cups (GF)

Amazing vegan peanut butter cups that taste just like the real thing if not better. With its salty peanut butter interior and chocolaty exterior these bites are super delicious and enjoyable. Make normal or king size cups if you prefer more peanut filling to chocolate. Make mini peanut butter cups to use them in vegan peanut butter cup ice cream.
Vegan Cheese Board 1
Sides and Appetisers Snacks

Vegan Cheese Board

This vegan cheese board is perfect for larger gatherings and for different occasions. It has a little bit of everything from savoury to sweet and from crunchy to soft: selection of vegan cheeses and vegan meat substitutes, baguette, vegan crackers and vegan oatcakes, vegan pesto, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, selection of jams, fresh and dried fruits, nuts.
Best Acai Bowl Toppings 1

Açaí Bowl (V, GF Option)

Healthy and delicious fruit smoothie bowl that will make you dream of a tropical island. Smoothie is made with frozen açaí, frozen banana and frozen berries. Pair it with lots of toppings like fresh banana, your favourite granola, fresh berries, goji berries, desiccated coconut and almond butter.